DC Air Curtain

DC Air Curtain 12v/ 24v is used on cold storage ice cream van use and travel bus

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Transportation vehicle air curtain 360° video

Product Details

DC air-curtain is used to block the cold air by installing the entrance of the refrigerated vehicle and providing 50% saving of heat loss


Suitable for application in bus or truck

Blocking dust, flies, and warm air from coming inside during opening and closing doors

It is easy for installation and maintenance

Large air volume and low noise


Equipped with Ion-Cluster

SS304 material


Model Size Power Air Volume Air Speed Weight
FM-C08 806*168*150 mm 80 W 1030 m³/h 12 m/s 7 kg
FM-C09 906*168*150 mm 120 W 1200 m³/h 12 m/s 8.5 kg
FM-C10 1006*168*150 mm 150 W 1350 m³/h 12 m/s 10.5 kg
FM-C12 1206*168*150 mm 160 W 1700 m³/h 12 m/s 13 kg
FM-C13 1306*168*150 mm 180 W 1900 m³/h 12 m/s 15 kg

DC air curtain 24v on the refrigerated truck

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Advantages of cd air tech DC air curtain

  1. Even smaller size than the standard one, it can save space with lower noise
  2. Use ball bearing with a long lifetime.
  3. Alu impeller as options, it can used at-25℃


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