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Restaurant Air Curtain

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The air curtain machine for restaurant establishments serves as an essential device, effectively separating indoor and outdoor air interactions to enhance the dining experience for customers. Additionally, it plays a role in improving the restaurant’s entrance aesthetics, allowing customers to feel the unique atmosphere and quality upon entering. Particularly during peak dining hours, restaurants often experience a high volume of foot traffic, and the constant movement of customers keeps the entrance in an open state.

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Temperature Control

  • Temperature Isolation: The curtain machine effectively isolates indoor and outdoor temperatures. In hot summers, outdoor heat can impact indoor temperatures, but the curtain machine efficiently blocks hot air from entering, maintaining a cool indoor environment.
  • Winter Warmth: During cold winters, outdoor cold can affect indoor temperatures. In this case, the curtain machine (heated curtain machine) generates warm air, preventing cold air from entering and keeping the interior warm. This temperature control not only enhances customer comfort but also improves the operational efficiency and service quality of the restaurant. The curtain machine also plays a role in intervening in the air quality inside the restaurant, reducing odors and air pollution.

How to Choose Air Curtain for Restaurant

When selecting air curtain for restaurants, several aspects need attention.

  1. Size and Installation Position: The air curtain size should match the width of the restaurant entrance to effectively cover the entrance area. The installation position should be chosen reasonably to maximize the curtain machine’s effectiveness.
  2. Material and Exterior Design: The air curtain’s material should be sturdy, corrosion-resistant, and, in the case of heated air curtain, capable of withstanding high temperatures to adapt to different environmental conditions. Additionally, the exterior design should coordinate with the overall style of the restaurant, enhancing its aesthetics.
  3. Performance and Control Systems: The air curtain should have strong airflow and reliable performance to effectively isolate indoor and outdoor temperatures. Modern air curtains are equipped with intelligent control systems to better meet the restaurant’s needs.

Maintenance of Air Curtain in Restaurant

To ensure the normal operation of restaurant’s air curtain, regular cleaning and maintenance are necessary. Periodically clean the curtain machine’s external surfaces from dust and dirt and check for loose internal components. Regularly inspect the electrical connections and fan operation to ensure proper functioning. For common malfunctions, such as failure to start or insufficient airflow, take timely corrective measures to ensure the curtain machine’s normal operation.

Case Study: Air Curtain Application in Lagos in a Burger Chain Restaurant


A certain burger chain restaurant faced a severe issue of flying insects and loss of indoor cool air during the peak summer season, affecting the dining experience and food safety for customers. To address this problem, they decided to introduce air curtain.

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Specific Solution: Air Curtain (Natural Wind)

  • Restaurant Parameters: The restaurant covers an area of 200 square meters with two main entrances. Door sizes are 9002200 (mm) and 12002200 (mm).
  • Air Curtain Parameters:
  • A: Size – 900x186x221 (mm) / Motor – 220V80W / Airflow – 1500m3/s
  • B: Size – 1200x186x221 (mm) / Motor – 220V120W / Airflow – 2000m3/s
  • Quantity: 2 units
  • Installation Position: The air curtain are installed above the entrances.
  • Control System: To save costs, the curtain machines are not equipped with an automatic control system. They are operated using a remote control.


The installation of air curtain creates an airflow barrier at the restaurant entrance, effectively preventing flying insects from entering while allowing normal customer movement. Additionally, the gentle breeze produced by the curtain machines brings a touch of coolness during hot summer days.


After introducing air curtain, the restaurant effectively resolved the flying insect problem, significantly improving customer satisfaction and ensuring better food safety.

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