What is DC air curtain for transportation vehicle

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For example, Refrigerator trucks are designed to transport temperature-sensitive goods such as food,ice cream and pharmaceuticals, and maintaining the required temperature is critical during transportation. So DC 12V/24V Air curtains are essential for transportation vehicles like ice cream trucks, traveling buses, and other vehicles that have an opening that is frequently opened and closed during operation. The air curtain creates a barrier of air that helps to keep the inside temperature of the vehicle constant while preventing the entry of dust, insects, and other contaminants

What is the application for DC air curtain?

Transportation Vehicle:

DC air curtain machines are particularly suitable for transportation such as buses, food trucks, refrigerated trucks, ships, trains, and airplanes. These means of transportation generally have their own DC power systems, making them ideal for use with DC air curtain units.

Mobile equipment:

Mobile equipment like food stands, mobile kitchens or temporary facilities may not have a stable AC power source, but they can use batteries or generators to provide DC power. In this case, DC air curtain units are very convenient and practical.

Outdoor events:

When holding outdoor events, there may not be AC power available. At this time, batteries or solar panels can be used to provide power for the DC air curtain machine.

What will happen if without dc air curtain?

  • Large Fuel consumption.

For instance, when the door of a refrigerator truck is opened, the outside hot air will come into the inside compartment, so the internal temperature rose, at the same time, the cooler need to start to work to keep the proper temperature, so it will cause a huge amount of fuel is consumed.

  • Food corruption

Foreign materials such as dust, viruses, and insects will also come into the compartment with the hot air. It will cause the food corruption or ice cream to melt.

What is the advantage of dc air curtain?

1. It is possible to save about 70% of the fuel. For example, For refrigerator truck such as the ice cream trucks require air curtains to maintain a consistent temperature inside the vehicle to keep the ice cream frozen.

2. For traveling bus it can maintain a comfortable and healthy indoor environment for passengers. As air curtain creates a barrier that prevents hot air from entering the vehicle when the door is open.

What is the main parts and installatioin of DC air curtain

DC air curtain including the dc motor,impeller,stainless steel cover,control unit,air outlet grille.

How to choose a DC air curtain?

  1. Size of the opening: The size of the opening determines the size of the air curtain required to provide adequate coverage.
  2. Airflow velocity: The airflow velocity determines the effectiveness of the air curtain in preventing the entry of contaminants and maintaining a constant temperature.
  3. Güç kaynağı: DC air curtains require a low voltage power supply, so it is essential to ensure that the vehicle’s power supply can accommodate the air curtain’s power requirements.
  4. Gürültü seviyesi: DC air curtains tend to be quieter than traditional air curtains, which can be beneficial for transportation vehicles that require a quieter environment.

CD AIR TECH project of DC air curtain

dc air curtain for truck
dc air curtain for refirgeritor truck
air curtain for bus

What is the advantage of CD Airtech DC air curtain?

Alu impeller with smaller size, it can save space for truck.

Ball bearing can use for a long time, and is suitable for -the 25℃ environment

Hermetic motor, also small size with lower noise

Air speed can up to 10-11m/s

air speed

Used door switches for the air curtain, then the energy-saving effect is even better.

air curtain export from China

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