Aluminium Alloy Material Air Curtain

Product Details

Product Details

Full body aluminum alloy design, no rusting

Upper inlet and lower outlet design to reduce dust accumulation

High-power motor, continuous operation for 8000 hours without obstacles

New double-layer shock-absorbing rubber, anti-vibration and noise reduction


Model Size mm Voltage


Input Power


Air Volume


Air Speed


Noise (dB) Net Weight (kg)
CD-3509 900*215*230 220-240 230 1200 15-17 52 13
CD-3512 1200*215*230 220-240 290 2500 53 15.5
CD-3515 1500*215*230 220-240 380 1900 55 20
CD-3518 1800*215*230 220-240 450 2280 57 23.5
CD-3520 2000*215*230 220-240 540 2500 59 27

It is fashion design suitable for hotels, restaurants, coffee shops,shopping malls, supermarkets to install this type of air curtain.

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  2. اعلی معیار کی مصنوعات تلاش کریں۔

  3. اپنے مارکیٹ شیئر میں اضافہ کریں۔

  4. اپنے بعد فروخت سروس کا وقت کم کریں۔

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