What is the different between cross flow air curtains and centrifugal air curtains.

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Air curtains are an important equipment for creating a comfortable and energy-efficient indoor environment, cross-flow air curtain and centrifugal air curtain are the two main types in the market.

I.Cross Flow Air Curtain

1. What is cross flow air curtain:

the cross-flow air curtain only has one motor and two impellers, via a motor driven the impeller to rotation, forming a strong invisible wind door to isolate the indoor cold and warm air, to avoid the loss of cold and warm air; mainly installed in supermarkets, and pedestrian streets, shopping malls, restaurants, kitchens and other places that do not require high noise

2. The feature of cross-flow air curtains:

Cost-effective: Generally the cost is less expensive compared to centrifugal air curtains.

Energy-efficient: Consumes less energy due to only one motor.

Quieter operation: Produces less noise during working, and creates an ideal environment where noise reduction is required.

Application: Suitable for installation for door sizes less than 2.5m such as retail stores, offices, and restaurants.

Installation: Very simple due to the weight is not very high.

II.Centrifugal Air Curtain

1. What is a centrifugal air curtain:

The centrifugal air curtain with more than one motor, for 0.9m and 1.2m it has two motors and 1.5m and 1.8m size,it has three motors, even 4motors for 2m size. there is also install the worm shell to work with the impeller, then the airflow is more powerful and airspeed is higher than cross flow air curtain, so the noise is also a little louder.

2. the advantages of centrifugal air curtains:

Durable: Can use for a long time and are easy for maintenance due to the short size of the impeller.

High performance: due to the high speed and airflow, so it is suitable for challenging environments, such as the industrial fields.

Cost: the cost is high compared to the cross-flow air curtain.

Noise level: Due to the high noise, so it is not suitable for noise-sensitive environments,such as office, coffer shop,meeting room, is it suitable for industrial factory, warehouses, maintenance shop where the areas with high levels of dust or pollutants.

Installation: it require two people at least,as the weight is a little higher than the cross flow type.

III.The table between cross flow and centrifugal air curtain

FeatureCross Flow Air Curtainسینٹرفیوگل ایئر پردہ
Suitable Applicationsretail stores,office,restaurants,hotelIndustry factory, گودام,
Initial CostLowerHigher
Energy EfficiencyHighVariable
Installation ComplexityLowModerate
Noise LevelLowerHigher
Air Sealing CapabilityModerateSuperior
Effectiveness in High-TrafficLowerHigher

IV. Installation Tips

1. Cross-flow air curtain installation:

It is easy and fast to install due to its simpler design and lighter weight, normally it should be installed horizontally above the doorway or entrance. Single-phase power supply is required which is common for commercial use.

2. Centrifugal air curtain installation:

Generally, it is more complex to install due to their high-pressure fan design and weight,it can be mounted horizontally or vertically, depending on the models and detail application, for some projects,it also require three-phase power supply which is common in industrial factory

VI. Maintenance Tips

1. Cross Flow Air Curtain:

Regular cleaning of the out surface and inlet and outlet air every month

Periodic inspection and cleaning of the impeller and motor to ensure optimal performance every year.

Lubrication of motor bearings, if required.

Less frequent maintenance due to fewer moving parts and a simpler design

2. سینٹرفیوگل ایئر پردہ:

Regular cleaning of the out surface and inlet and outlet grille and filters (if have) every 2-3 weeks.

Periodic inspection and cleaning of the centrifugal motor and impeller and worm shell to ensure optimal performance every half a year.

Lubrication of motor bearings and other moving parts, if required,

More frequent maintenance may be necessary due to the high-pressure system and more complex design


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