FAQ About Air Curtain

If you are looking for an air curtain ,or want to study the knowledge of air curtains, in this article, I will write FAQ about air curtain according to my 15years of experience for selling air curtains. Such as what is air curtain,how it works,where to use air curtain,why you need air curtain.

What is air curtain?

An air curtain, also known as an air door, is a machine that use a specially-made high-speed motor, to drive the cross flow, centrifugal or axial flow type impeller revolved to produce a strong airflow barrier. Whether used in industrial or commercial settings, they assist in confining heated or conditioned air, resulting in significant energy savings and greater human comfort. They also aid in the prevention of pollution and insect invasion. It can keep the warm air, clean air, and cool air inside, at the same time preventing the dust, insects, smoke, and winter cold from going inside.

What is the shell material of the air curtain?

Normally the material is steel palte, for food industry we can provide stainless steel plate.For instance,DC12V/24V air curtain with SS304materil for cold-chain transportation vehicle

stainless steel air curtain
stainless steel air curtain

How to choose air curtain speed

When choosing the air curtain, we need to consider the height and width of the door, but the most important are airspeed, the outlet airspeed and the ground airspeed. You can reference the followed photo.

air curtain speed selection

What is UVC Air Curtain?

We install the UV Sterilization Lamp for air curtain, it is air sanitation system that can kill germs, viruses, and bacteria. Normally used at the hospital, public place. Our UV light air curtain with 95%+ sterilization rate.

Where to Use an Air Curtain?

Normally used for the Entrance/Exit of the building,

  •  Retail Stores
  • Education & Institutions,
  • Manufacturing & Warehouse,
  • Entertainment Venues,
  • Hospitals & Health Care,
  • Transportation Terminals
  • Food preparation areas 
  • Airport

Do Air Curtains Really Work?

It can effectively shield the dust outside and can keep clean at 60-80% level.The combined use of air curtains and air conditioning can effectively solve these problems of cold and hot air outflow.

Do Air Curtains Keep Flies Out?

Air curtain it the better solution keep flies away as it can provide high velocity air volume and air speed.

What is the different between air curtain and PVC Strip Curtain ?

  •  An air curtain can create an invisible air barrier.
  • while a traditional curtain is a physical barrier that can be seen and touched. It is very easy to get dirty.
  • So when the door always needs open such as a shopping mall and let a customer who passes by can see the inside, then the air curtain is a good choice.

What is the main type of air curtain?

  • Horizontal air curtain normal size: 900mm 1200mm 1500mm 1800mm 2000mm
  • Vertical type air curtain: it normally depends on the door height, such as 2m,2.5m,3m, etc.
  • Heated type and no-heated type
  • Water-heated type and electrically heated type

How to choose dc air curtain for transportaion?

DC air curtain is normally used for transportation vehicles, it can keep the food fresh and save energy. But when it comes to refrigerated vehicles, such as used to transport ice cream, and seafood, the inside temperature is about -20℃. So we need to use SS304 material air curtain with an aluminum impeller which can be used at a lower temperature.

Why use door switch for Air Curtain?

Using door switch is can save energy, the air curtain do  not need to work all the time.We can provide three types of switch. Door limit switches, mechanical magnetic, wireless switches. It depends on the door type to choose.

Why Use an Air Curtain?

Air curtain is the second door of building, it can keep flies out and keep the inside air is better.

How Much Does an Air Curtain Cost?

The cost of an air curtain is depending on the size and application. Such as the height of the door, the air speed and air volume. However, they are generally more expensive than traditional curtains but they can be a worthwhile investment.

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Do Air Curtains Cool a Room?

The air curtain is not same with air conditioning,it can not cool a room, it just installs on the top of the door to create an invisible barrier between inside and outside environments. 

Do Air Curtains Run Continuously?

Yes, air curtain is allowed to running continuously,if the door is always open.You also can use door switch to control the air curtain. Then it can save energy.

How Can I choose the air curtain

  • door height
  • door width
  • control type
industry air curtain1

What is the industry air curtain?

Industrial air curtain is for  factories, warehouses, and production facilities. It is design with large power and air volume,as the industry door normally more height and width than commerical door.

Benefits of Air Curtains for Restaurants

  • You can keep the door open without letting pests and dust go inside
  • It can keep the gas and fire fumes in the kitchen,provide good environments for stuff
  • Keep food safety and save energy
  • Clean the dust from customer when they pass thourgh the door.

How Much Energy Air Curtain Use?

Air curtains are highly efficient for energy consumption and also cost-effective to run. The energy used by an air curtain depends on several factors, including the size of the unit, the power of the motor, and the duration of use. In fact it can save more energy than it cost.

How to Control Air Curtain

  • Button control
  • remote control
  • door sensor control


remote control
door switch for air curtain

Do Air Curtains Have Filters?

Normally we need to clean the air curtain per3-6months, for some special place,with high levels of dust, dirt, or other airborne particles, more frequent filter maintenance may be required

air curtain Filter

What is main type of air curtain according to their funcion?

Heated air curtain is required in cold temperature place.There are two common type heated air curtain:

  • Electrical heated air curtain
  • Water heated air curtain

For hot temperature place, ambinet air curtain or non-heated air curtain is high requirement,as without heating, it also can save energy


The three type of air curtain installation?

  • Horizontal type installation
  • Vertical type installation
  • Recessed/ceiling monuted/ conceal air curtain
above ceiling air curtain
vertical type1 air curtain

What is EC motor air curtain

The EC Motor Air Curtain uses brushless DC motors that are known for their high efficiency, reliability, and longevity. It can significantly reduce energy consumption compared to conventional air curtains,

What is anti explosion air curtain

the Anti-Explosion Air Curtain from CdAirTech provides robust resistance against the dissemination of volatile or combustible materials. Additionally, it plays a crucial role in sustaining ideal thermal conditions, thereby contributing to significant energy conservation and reduction in operational expenditures.

Does air curtain save energy

Yes,it can save more than 50% energy,as it can keep the cold air or hot air inside the room, so the air conditioning do not need to work all the time.

Install air curtains inside or outside?

To be most effective, the air curtain normally mounted inside the room, it is also useful for long time use

Do air curtains cool a room?

While air curtains are not the same as air conditioners, it can keep the cool air inside and warm air outside in summer(or vice versa)when the door is open.

Does air curtain noisy?

Normally for commercial use, CDAIRTECH cross flow air curtain noise is about 55dB, the centrifugal motor air curtain is about 60dB,

Does air curtains effective against flies and mosquitoes?

It is very useful for against the flies, according to the test, the flies cannot able to fly when faced with an air velocity of 7m/s, and mosquitoes become unable to fly at 3m/s.CDAIRTECH air curtain provides air velocity at least 8m/s

how much does the air curtain installion cost

The basic installation might cost from $100 to $200, but more complicated installations in large commercial or industrial settings could be higher. I’d recommend reaching out to a local HVAC professional or an air curtain supplier

What is the feature of air curtain for ship

Ship air curtains are designed for maritime conditions, which frequently encompass harsher environments compared to conventional commercial spaces. It need to resist corrosion instigated by saltwater and are typically more robust to endure elevated levels of moisture and dramatic temperature fluctuations. So it adopt SS 304 material and alu impeller,and IP44 motor.

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