How to choose the suitable air curtain

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There are many types of air curtain in the market in China. It is not easy to choose the suitable one, unless you know the followed experience.

According to the size of the door

  1. The height of the door, we need to choose the air volume and air speed according to the height of the door.
  2. The width of the door, the length of the air curtain should be a little longer than the width of the door, if it is too wide, then you can choose several air curtains to install together
how to choose air curtain

Three types of heated air curtain.

  1. For some cold place,you can choose heated air curtain, then when people pass through the door, they will not feel cold
  2. If you want to save electrical power consumption, then you can choose the water-type heated air curtain or steam-heated air curtain.

Commercial air curtain and industry air curtain

Commercial air curtains

they are commonly used in retail stores, restaurants, office buildings, and other public spaces. Normally it is small size and easy to installation.

commercial air curtain

Industrial air curtains

On the other hand, it is designed for complicated environments like factories, warehouses, or large cold storage facilities. Their structure are very strong and with more powerful, it is suitable for harsh conditions and maintains temperature control in large spaces. They are generally larger, more durable, and have a higher airflow rate than their commercial air curtain.

industry air curtain

How to choose? an industry air curtain or commercial air curtain

It depends on the environment where will you use the air curtain.

If you have a customer-facing business with a regular-sized door, a commercial air curtain might be more suitable.

If you operate in a large, industrial setting with high ceilings and wide doors, an industrial air curtain would be a better option.

FeatureIndustrial Air CurtainCommercial Air Curtain
Typical ApplicationsFactories, warehouses,Retail stores,
large cold storage facilitiesrestaurants, offices
Design & AestheticsRobust, heavy-dutySleek, visually pleasing
Size & PowerLarger, more powerfulSmaller, less powerful
Airflow RateHigherLower
Noise LevelHigherLower
Durability & ResistanceGreater, built for harshModerate, built for
Cost & MaintenanceGenerally more expensive,Generally less expensive,
higher maintenancelower maintenance

The three common mistakes to choosing air curtain

  1. In the same condition, it is not the right choice to use the high-volume air curtain. When you choose the High air volume, you choose the loud noise at the same time, it is not good for health.
  2. the higher air speed, the better barrier effect,but in fact, in the same condition, when you choose the higher speed, the air will reflect on the ground, then it will lose the barrier effect.
  3. Only use heated air curtain,If the door is more than 2m height, for the lower part you can choose heated air curtain, for the part more than 2m height you can choose nonheated function, then you can save the electrical energy consumption.

If you still do not clear about how to choose air curtain, such as how much air volume and airspeed is suitable for your project, then you can visit our products page and contact our team, we will provide free support.

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