How to Clean Air Curtain?

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Once customers purchase air curtains from us, what we need to do is the best service, so the air curtain maintenance and cleaning are very important for customer, so I prepare the article with photo and video, hope it can help you.

Why we need to clean air curtain?

First, we need to know why we need to clean air curtains, then it may be easy for you to clear how to clean the air curtain.

Normally the air curtain is installed on the top of the door, it is near the outside, When you start the air curtain, the air will pass through it continuously, so the dirt, dust, mold, and other particles can quickly build up inside your air curtain. Day by day, the air door inside needs to be clean, such as the inside and outside of the shell, and the impeller.

So in order to make sure the air curtain works properly, regular cleaning is required.

How often to clean the air curtain?

Depending on the type and environment, an air curtain may need to be cleaned from once every six months to every four weeks. A clean air curtain is very useful for you and your inside environment.

The steps to clean air curtain

For standard air curtains, no heated function. Water heated or electric heated. It is very simple to clean, you can follow the below steps.

1. We need to cut off the power before the operation

power off air curtain

2. Clean the outside shell of the air curtain

3. Take out the screw of the installation plate to remove the air curtain from the top

4. Put air curtain on the ground, then open the shell.

5. Use air gun or clean rag to clean the impeller and inside of air curtain.

6. Disassemble the impeller, and use water to clean it. (please note, the bearing side, don’t get water in

7. Make sure the impeller dries off completely,then install it back.

Note: 1. Do not use the Over-acid or over-alkaline cleaning agents, it will lead to corrosion of equipment

2. Do not use hard brushes as it can cause the scratches

Air curtain clean video by cd air tech

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