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water tyep air curtain
Water type air curtain
Centrifugal Air Curtain
Centrifugal air curtain
cross flow air curtain
Cross flow air curtain
DC air curtain
SS304 DC air curtain

Al-alloy UV-air curtian

Heated air curtian

Vertical air curtian

Industrial air curtain

See Our Air Curtain in Action and Believe the Results

 From the busy shopping malls to industrial warehouses, our air curtains have proven time and time again to be reliable and effective at keeping cold air or dustyout and maintaining a comfortable environment. 


vertical type industry air curtain
Vertical Industry Air Curtain
Air Curtain cold romm
Cold Storage Air Curtain
air curtain in shopping malll
Commercial Air Curtain
uv air curtain
UV Light Air Curtain
subway maintenance station 1
Subway Maintenance Station
axial fan water heated air curtain
Axial fan water air curtain
Cold Chain Transporation
industrial air curtain
6M Height Factory Door

Why More Than 1000+ Clients Over The World Choose US as Air Curtain Supplier?

Our products are following the ISO9001 quality system, with CE certificate

quality control process

Quality Control

Insepction before packing and delivery

maching ability

Core Parts Control

We produce the core parts by ourself

assembly job site

Assembly Control

All the machine is assembly in our own workshop

technical team


10 years of manufacturing & exporting experiences

trial order delivery


Support for trial order to test quality

production capacity

Production Capacity

More than 1000units per month


Fast Delivery

Shipping within 3days due to products in stock

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Strong Package

Safty for long-distance delivery.

Our Happy Clients From 200+ Countries

Matthew Drew
Purchage manager from USA

I have been working with CD Air Tech for 5 years now. Their products with high quality, and my retailers have never complained about their products.

Serpil Par
Buyer from UK

Even over such a long distance, CD Air Tech have always been one of our best air curtain suppliers in China.

Justin Dunham
Engineer from France

One of our best partners with high-quality, at an affordable price, with incredible production time.

Faizan Ahmad
Engineer from Switzerland

Quality product, great price, fast shipping, accurate description, highly recommende

Dina Arafa
Owner from Australia

Professional service, so I can expend my business in very short time, I will purchase new products soon.

Aya Ahmad A. Azim
Buyer from Nigeria

Working with CD Air Tech is much less hassle. And also, they are really professional, all I have to do is sit in the office and wait to receive the goods.

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