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WHY do we need to choose A vertical type air curtain?

1.Limited Ceiling Space

Vertical air curtains are installed on either side of the entrance, providing floor-to-ceiling coverage.

Example: Buildings with low ceilings or ceiling obstructions.

2.Uniform Air Barrier

Better prevention of air exchange

More effective in maintaining internal temperature as you can install air curtain on each side of the door.

Example: High-traffic entrances, climate-sensitive areas.

industry Air Curtain

 3.Easier Maintenance and Repairs

Vertical air curtains are more accessible for maintenance

Horizontal air curtains may require elevated work

Example: Retail stores, facilities requiring frequent maintenance.

4.Aesthetic and Functional Design

Vertical air curtains blend with door frames

Horizontal air curtains may be more intrusive

Example: Modern office buildings, upscale commercial spaces.

5.Improved Airflow Management

Vertical air curtains create a strong, continuous air stream

Horizontal air curtains may have uneven airflow in tall spaces

Example: Cold storage areas, high-ceiling facilities.

6.Optimal Energy Efficiency in Specific Environments

Vertical air curtains reduce energy loss in tall entrances

Horizontal air curtains are effective but less suited for certain door sizes

Example: Industrial facilities, large commercial buildings.


By considering factors such as doorway size, space constraints, coverage efficiency, installation and maintenance ease, airflow control, and specific application needs, you can clearly understand when to choose a vertical type air curtain over a horizontal one.


Axial flow motor

Metal case for fire resistance

Easy for installation and maintenance

Powder coating for rust-proof



Door switch

Remote control.

air curtain screen control type

Filter net

Heating function

Different voltages and frequencies are available


Model Size




Air Volume m3/h Air Speed






FM-ZC1500 320*270*1500 85*5 3800 10 59 42
FM-ZC1800 320*270*1800 85*6 4500 10 59 52
FM-ZC2000 320*270*2000 85*7 5000 10 60 60
FM-ZC2200 320*270*2200 85*8 5600 10 61 68
FM-ZC2400 320*270*2400 85*9 6100 10 62 78

Drawing of 2.6m height verical air curtain,also can customer made for 3m or 4m height air curtain.

drawing of 2.6m height verical air curtain

Our projects for vertical-type industry air curtain for 4m height industry door warehouse


industry air curtain

vertical-type 2.4m height heated air curtain stainless steel(304) installation at university in Kazakhstan

vertical air curtain project ss304 vertical air curtain project stainless steel

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