Top 10 air curtain suppliers in the USA

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Based on my over10 years of experience in selling all kinds of Air Curtain products, I found that there are many excellent air curtain suppliers in the United States market. With a careful search, you can get a lot of information of air curtains, including company, products, prices, contact information, and so on. Now, I’ve compiled a list of the top 10 Air Curtain suppliers in the U.S. market for your reference and selection.


Company type: Manufacturing

Main product: Architectural Air Curtains, Commercial Air Doors, Sanitation Certified Air Curtains, Industrial Air Curtain, Air Curtains & Air Doors for Hazardous Environments.

 Berner has Superb technology, advanced equipment, and skilled workers to produce the most efficient, good-looking, cost-effective, reliable air curtains on the market. Its Commercial, Architectural, and Industrial Air Curtains effectively prevent heating or air conditioning from escaping through open doors to save energy efficiently and make people feel comfortable at the same time.


CD Air tech has many customers in the US market, that is the reason it is in the list.

Company type: manufacturing

Year founded: 2009

The number of employees: 50

Main product: Commercial air curtain, industrial air curtain,UV air curtain,DC air curtain.

CE,CB,ISO900 certificate


CD Air Tech is a famous brand for air curtain products in China. we have 10 designer engineers team and a very strong production capacity. We also can provide thoughtful, high-quality, and professional 7 * 24H Customer Service. Our advantage is fast delivery and support for customized products.


Company type: Manufacturing

Year founded: 1997

Main product: Commercial Air Curtains, Industrial Air Curtains, Specialty Air Curtains.

Since 1997, POWERED AIRE has specialized in the production of Stainless Steel Air curtains. It has produced the most advanced air curtains on the market, including models of hazardous and corrosive environments. It also invested a lot of humans and money to produce more energy-efficient air curtains to respond to the global “Green” call.


Company type: Distributor

Main product: Berner Air Curtains,MARS Air Curtains

Distributors of Berner and Mars, if you do not have a high quantity, then you can discuss with this company.


Company type: Manufacturing

Year founded:

Main product: Commercial Air Curtains, Industrial Air Curtains.


Mars has over 50 years of experience in air curtain industry, it’s air system has installed air curtains in numerous application settings. Mars air curtain aims to keep building safe, and sanitized and can be used in a variety of different applications and industries.


Company type: Manufacturing

Main product: Horizontal Air Curtains, Vertical Air Curtains, Concealed Air Curtains.

ISO 9001:2015,TIS 934-2558,CE Certified

X-Per is a well-known manufacturer of Air Curtains. Its main product  is air curtains, covering a wide range of commercial and industrial types and sizes,including Insect-Blocking Air Curtains for Food and Medical Industries,HEPA Filter Exhaust Fans for Negative Pressure Chambers and Rooms, Air Coolers for Ventilation & Cooling of Farms & Factories, Fume Extractors for Industrial Applications and so on


Company type: Manufacturing

Main product: Surface Mounted Air Curtains, Recessed Air Curtains.

Thermoscreens is a company that provides indoor air solutions, It has offere Professional, high-quality HVAC products and systems for years. Now,Thermoscreens has been an experience expert in indoor environmental products.


Company type: manufacturing

Year founded: 1933

Main product: Heating systems, Air curtains,HVLS Monsterfans,Control technologies.

 Schwank is a global family-owned company with 12 subsidiaries. Continuous improvement has made it become an industry leader in the field of energy-efficient heating solutions for industrial, commercial, and logistics applications

R. Williamson & Associates

Company type: manufacturing

Year founded: 1882

The number of employees:

Main product:UV-C Lights,Air Curtain, HVLS Fans,Make-up Air,Natural Ventilation,Dust Collection.

R. Williamson & Associates has provided industrial heating,cooling and ventilation solutions for about 135 years. It’s main products are related to exhaust, intake, air purification and environmental separation.It also can provide some auxiliary equipment, such as noise mitigation, explosion suppression/isolation, filters, ductwork and so on.

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