What is air curtain

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The basic principle

Air curtain use the specially-made high-speed motor, drive the cross flow, centrifugal or axial flow type impeller revolved to produce a strong airflow barrier.

The function

  • Effectively maintain the indoor air clean and temperature.
  • Prevent the cold and hot air convection.
  • Reduce air conditioning energy consumption
  • Prevent dust, insects and harmful gas invasion

The application

Commercial Applications:

Retail stores: Enhanced customer experience, energy savings, and insect control

Restaurants: Improved indoor air quality, comfort, and pest prevention

Offices: Energy efficiency, employee comfort, and controlled indoor environment

Hotels: Maintaining guest comfort, energy savings, and creating a pleasant ambiance

Schools: Ensuring a comfortable learning environment, energy efficiency, and improved indoor air quality

Cold Storage and Food Processing Facilities:

Maintaining consistent temperatures and humidity levels

Ensuring food safety and hygiene by minimizing airborne contaminants and pests

Reducing energy consumption and refrigeration costs

Industrial Applications:

Warehouse and manufacturing facilities: Regulating temperature, reducing energy costs, and enhancing worker safety

Transportation facilities: Maintaining comfort and efficiency in bus stations, airports, and train stations

Healthcare Facilities:

Hospitals and clinics: Promoting a hygienic and comfortable environment

Laboratories: Ensuring temperature and humidity control for sensitive equipment and materials

Residential Applications:

Single-family homes and apartment buildings: Enhancing energy efficiency, comfort, and indoor air quality

Specialized Applications:

Cleanrooms: Preventing contamination and maintaining a controlled environment

Data centers: Regulating temperature and humidity to protect sensitive equipment

Transportation Applications:

Buses and public transit: Ensuring passenger comfort and reducing energy consumption

Refrigerated vehicles: Maintaining temperature control and preserving perishable goods during transport

How to choose an air curtain

Commercial air curtain is suitable for shopping malls, banks, restaurants, etc. As the effective height is 2.5-4m, with lower noise.

UV light air curtain is suitable for hospitals where the sterilization function is required.

Industry air curtain is suitable for factory, which the effective height is from 4-8m, the max airspeed can up to 32m/s. And these places do not have very high requirements for noise.

industrial air curtain

DC 12V/24V air curtian is suitable for transpotiation, such as bus, cold chain truck,train.

Vertical-type air curtain

Normally the air curtain is installed on the top of the door, but there are three different situations we can not use the horizontal type.

  1. For some special places, there is not enough space on the top, then we need the vertical type.
  2. For some industry factories and luxury hall, the door is more than 4m wide, we can choose two vertical-type air curtains on each side of the door.
  3. In order to save energy, we can use half heated vertical air curtain. So on the top of the air curtain no need heated function, as when people pass by, the half-bottom heating is enough.
luxury hall ss304 vertical air curtain
vertical air curtain for shutter door

FAQ about air curtain

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