What is the differences between vertical air curtain and horizontal air curtain

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Both the Horizontal air curtains and vertical air curtains are used to separate indoor and outdoor environments. We can choose them according the detail requirements and installation environment.

the benefit of vertical and horizontal air curtain

Energy saving,as it can prevent the inside cold air or hot air coming out,so it can maintain a consistent indoor temperature,reducing the load on HVAC systems.

Insect control: it can help to prevent insects, dust, and other contaminants from entering a space, improving indoor air quality.

Vertical-type air curtain

Vertical air curtains,are mounted on the side of a doorway.This creates a barrier that runs from one side door to the other side to separate indoor and outdoor air. Vertical air curtains are often used for larger doorways and in applications where there is more space of the door side.

the vertical air curtain application

Large retail stores and supermarkets

Loading docks and shipping bays

Warehouse and distribution centers

Manufacturing facilities and factories

Cold storage facilities

Clean rooms and laboratories

Hospitals and medical facilities

Sports arenas and stadiums

Transportation hubs such as airports and train stations

Large commercial buildings with high traffic areas.

Horizontal-type air curtain

Horizontal air curtains are mounted on the top of the doorway and blow air from ceiling to floor, creating a barrier between indoor and outdoor air. They are typically used for smaller doorways where there is enough space on the top of the door.


The application of horizontal type air curtain

Restaurants and cafes

Small retail shops and stores

Small loading dock areas

Drive-through windows

Office buildings and lobbies

Pharmacies and hospitals

Food processing facilities

Manufacturing facilities

Automotive repair shops

Small warehouses and storage areas

The date sheet

CategoryVertical Air CurtainHorizontal Air Curtain
Airflow DirectionDownwardForward
Installationon the side of Doorwayon the top of Doorway
Coverage AreaWideNarrow
Airflow VelocityHighLow
Energy EfficiencyBetterLower
Sound LevelLouderquiter
ApplicationsStorefronts, Glass Walls, Service WindowsIndustrial Doors, Loading Docks, Warehouses

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