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Air curtains, including those offered by the esteemed brand CDAIRTECH, have become a vital component in numerous commercial environments. Their effectiveness largely hinges on velocity, the rate at which air is expelled. This article delves into the importance of proper air curtain velocity and its impact on overall functionality.

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Defining Air Curtain Velocity

The velocity of an air curtain pertains to the speed at which the air is thrust from the unit across the open doorway. A well-calibrated velocity is pivotal for maintaining an effective air barrier because:

  • If the velocity is too low, the barrier can be easily breached by external air.
  • If the velocity is too high, it can cause discomfort to individuals passing through and even pose a safety hazard.

How is Air Curtain Calculated?

Calculating the appropriate air curtain, particularly those from CDAIRTECH, involves considering:

  • The height and width of the door
  • Indoor and outdoor temperatures
  • The type of environment (e.g., commercial, industrial, cold storage)

Each of these factors influences the required velocity and power of the air curtain. It’s advisable to collaborate with professionals or use the calculation tools provided by the manufacturers to determine the right air curtain for your needs.

Determining the Correct Velocity

The suitable velocity for an air curtain depends on several factors:

  • Height of the Installation: Higher doorways necessitate higher velocities due to increased pressure differences.
  • Indoor and Outdoor Temperature Differences: Greater temperature differences require higher velocities to prevent the mixing of air.
  • Wind Pressures: In areas with strong winds, higher velocities are needed to counteract the wind forces.

CDAIRTECH, a leading air curtain manufacturer, ensures the optimal velocity for each specific application based on these and other factors.

What is the Infiltration Rate of Air Curtain?

The infiltration rate of an air curtain refers to the amount of outside air that can penetrate the air curtain. A high-quality air curtain from CDAIRTECH, correctly installed and calibrated, can significantly reduce the infiltration rate.

Which Way Does Air Flow in an Air Curtain?

The air in an air curtain from CDAIRTECH and other manufacturers typically flows from the top of the doorway to the bottom, creating a “curtain” of air that forms a barrier between different air environments.

How High Should Air Curtain Installation?

The installation height of an air curtain depends on the specific model and the height of the doorway. For optimal performance, the air curtain should be installed at the top of the doorway. Each model will have a maximum effective height, which is the height at which it can effectively maintain an air barrier. It’s recommended to consult with the manufacturer, such as CDAIRTECH, for specific installation guidelines.


The velocity of an air curtain plays a crucial role in its effectiveness. Brands like CDAIRTECH provide high-quality air curtains designed to offer the proper velocity, ensuring an effective barrier that can lead to substantial energy savings and improved indoor air quality. Understanding how to calculate and adjust the air curtain’s performance can help businesses optimize their energy efficiency and maintain a comfortable environment.

air speed at different height

However, it’s crucial to understand that suitable air speed can fluctuate based on various factors such as the height of the door, differences in indoor/outdoor temperature, wind pressures, and specific guidelines from the manufacturer. Here’s a general guideline for air curtain speed based on its application:

ApplicationAir Speed Range (m/s)
Small Retail Stores, Offices6 – 8
Restaurants, Large Retail Stores9 – 11
Industrial Environments, Large Doorways12 – 15
Cold Storage, Freezers16 – 20

Please note: These are general guidelines and may not apply to every situation. For accurate information, always consult the manufacturer or a professional installer. If you’re considering a CDAIRTECH air curtain, their team can provide the most accurate information based on your specific application.

Bear in mind that the air speed alone is not the sole determining factor when choosing an air curtain. Other factors like volume flow rate, noise level, and energy efficiency are also important. These factors should be balanced with the specific needs of the application.

Always consult a professional or your air curtain supplier, like CDAIRTECH, for the most accurate advice on air curtain speed for your specific application.

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