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DC24V/12V Air Curtain

The DC24V/12V air curtain is a thermal insulation device designed specifically for medium to large transport vehicles. Typically installed above the cargo container doors, it activates simultaneously when the truck doors are opened. It forms an invisible air curtain, preventing the loss of cool air from the interior and the entry of external hot air. This ensures that the interior of the truck maintains an appropriate environmental temperature for transporting goods.

air curtain for refrigerator truck

Primarily, the structure of the DC24V/12V air curtain involves a fan with blades that rapidly generate a powerful airflow, creating an effective thermal barrier. Even in high-temperature weather, it effectively blocks external heat waves. Additionally, the DC24V/12V air curtain features an intelligent control system that can be equipped with travel switch components. The device synchronizes start and stop actions with the opening and closing of the doors, achieving energy savings.

Installation and maintenance of the DC24V/12V air curtain are relatively straightforward. Whether for a new or old vehicle, the installation process is quick and simple and does not cause any damage to the vehicle’s appearance or structure. Maintenance is also relatively easy, requiring regular cleaning and inspection of the device’s operational status to ensure smooth functioning.

ss304 dc air curtain

Whether for long-distance transportation or urban delivery, the installation of a suitable DC24V/12V air curtain system helps maintain a stable temperature inside the vehicle, providing an optimal storage environment for transported goods.

Case Study: DC24V Air Curtain installation in Saudi Transport Trucks

air curtain for refrigerator truck 2

Background: In an effort to improve the energy efficiency of trucks and the quality of transported goods, a logistics company in Saudi Arabia decided to equip its trucks with air curtain systems. The air curtain is a device that isolates the internal and external environments of the cargo compartment, using high-speed airflow to create a barrier that prevents the exchange of temperature and humidity, thereby reducing energy losses in the cargo compartment.

Specific Solution:

  • The company selected a medium-sized truck that had been in operation for three years.
  • Cargo box dimensions: 5320x1695x2400 (mm)

DC24VAir Curtain Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 806x168x150 (mm)
  • Power: DC24V
  • Power: 80 V
  • Airflow: 1030m3/s
  • Quantity: 2 units (installed in combination)

The air curtains were installed at the rear door entrance/exit of the truck cargo compartment. By generating high-speed airflow, the air curtain forms a barrier, preventing the exchange of air between the interior and exterior, thus reducing energy loss.

Air Curtain Control System:
For this installation, a travel switch control system was chosen to automatically control the opening and closing of the air curtain, achieving optimal energy efficiency.

Effects and Advantages:

  • The air curtain prevents the exchange of air between the interior and exterior of the cargo compartment, blocking external cold or hot air from entering and maintaining a stable temperature and humidity inside the compartment, thereby enhancing energy efficiency in storage and transportation.
  • Increased safety of goods: The air curtain can block external substances such as pollutants, insects, and odors from entering the cargo compartment, protecting the safety and quality of the transported goods.

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