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Air Curtain for Cold Storage

The purpose of a dedicated air curtain for cold storage areas is to effectively block the entry of outdoor hot air into the cold storage while ensuring that cool air is retained. By forming a uniform air barrier, the equipment significantly reduces the impact of door opening and closing on the interior of the cold storage, maintaining a stable low-temperature environment. This not only extends the freshness of stored goods but also saves energy and reduces operational costs.

Selecting a suitable air curtain is crucial for the working conditions of a cold storage environment. Generally, the size of the air curtain is related to the height and width of the cold storage door, and different parameters of cold storage doors may have specific requirements for the air curtain. Using a standard air curtain in a cold storage environment is challenging as it may not correspond to the size of the door, and more importantly, the airspeed may not meet the requirements.

To address these issues, equipment manufacturers provide air curtains specifically designed for cold storage to ensure that the size and airspeed requirements of the air curtain meet the parameters of the cold storage door. These specially designed air curtains for cold storage typically use efficient large centrifugal fans to provide stable and reliable airflow output. They can also customize the external dimensions of the air curtain based on the specific size of the cold storage door to ensure complete coverage.

In addition, for large cold storage facilities, considerations need to be given to the weight-bearing capacity and fixing of the air curtain. Since the air curtain needs to operate for extended periods, its structural design and material selection are critical. Therefore, when designing a solution, it is essential to provide a suitable model and solution based on the user’s actual needs and the operating environment, ensuring the normal operation and energy efficiency of the cold storage.

Furthermore, air curtains for cold storage environments can employ a travel switch control system. When the cold storage door is opened, the air curtain automatically activates, forming an effective isolation barrier to prevent the leakage of cold air. When the cold storage door is closed, the air curtain automatically stops working, saving energy and extending the product’s lifespan. The application of an intelligent control system not only enhances the convenience of product use but also maximizes energy savings and reduces operational costs.

Whether your cold storage is a large logistics center or a small refrigerated warehouse, we can find the right product solution.

Case Study: Installation of Air Curtain in Cold Storage Workshop


A cold beverage company needed to establish a cold storage warehouse for storing and preserving food products. To enhance the efficiency and energy savings of the cold storage, they decided to equip it with air curtains for obstruction.

Cold room air curtain

Specific Solution:

  • Cold storage workshop parameters: Cold storage area of 500 square meters, height of 4 meters, door size of 2000*2300 (mm)
  • Cold storage air curtain specifications:
  • Air outlet size: 2000 (mm)
  • Motor parameters (2 motors): 380V 1.5W
  • Airflow: 6000m3/s
  • Quantity: 1 unit

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The air curtain was installed above the door of the cold storage, forming an air curtain.

Control System:

The air curtain was equipped with an automatic control system, enabling it to start and stop automatically based on the status of the cold storage door, enhancing energy efficiency.


By equipping the air curtain, an airflow barrier was formed at the entrance of the cold storage, effectively reducing the loss of cold air and preventing the entry of hot air. This improved the efficiency and energy savings of the cold storage, maintained a stable internal temperature, and effectively isolated outdoor mosquitoes and pollutants.


After installing the air curtain, temperature control in the cold storage became more stable, ensuring the storage environment for food products. The efficiency increased, meeting the company’s requirements for food storage quality and efficiency.


Equipping a cold storage with an air curtain can enhance efficiency and energy savings, preserving the freshness and quality of stored food. It is a solution worth promoting.

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