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COLD ROOM AIR CURTAIN that special use for cold storage.The structure of the convection air chamber will generate a strong air-flow screen, to maintain the cleanliness of the air environment for both indoor and outdoor. It effectively prevents insulation from dust, exhaust gas, insects and germ. Widely used in low-temperature warehouse.


Centrifugal fan,large wind pressure, large air volume and high wind speed.

Air duct can be sprayed with stainless steel plate or ordinary steel plate

The operation mode is simple and fast.

Cover for air curtain for safety protection.

cover for air curtain cold room


MODEL Size (mm) 0.75kw Size (mm) 1.1kw AIR VOLUME (m³/h) AIR SPEED(m/s) NOISE (dB) Power supply
CD2509 1326*364*426 1326*414*426 1250 20 66 380/220V
CD2512 1626*364*426 1626*414*426 1250 19 67 380/220V
CD2515 1926*364*426 1926*414*426 1400 18 68 380/220V
CD2518 2226*364*426 2226*414*426 1650 17 70 380/220V
CD2520 2426*364*426 2426*414*426 1850 16.5 70 380/220V
CD2522 2626*364*426 2626*414*426 2050 15.5 70 380/220V
CD2524 2826*364*426 2826*414*426 2250 15 70 380/220V


M/S Material Cold Room Air Curtain Two motors Project

Cold room air curtain

Cold Room Air Curtain one motor Project

Cold room air curtain

SS304 material cold room air curtain

ss air curtain cold storage

 cold room air curtain one motor in the middle project


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