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Revolving Door Air Curtain Type

We air curtain facotry from China,have heated revolving door air curtains(water-heated type and electrically heated type) suitable for cold temperature area,and non-heated revolving door air curtain suitable for hot temperature area.

MS material and stainless steel material are available, color also can be custom-made according to requirements.

Advantage of cdairtech revolving door air curtain:

  • Three speed fan and three level heating power
  • The top cover can open,it is easy to change the motor and heater
  • The duct and air curtian can be separated, it is easy for installation
  • Temperature control and heater overheating protection
  • BMS control system as option
  • Door switch as option
  • Screen type PLC remote control
  • Water heating or electrical heating

Electrical Type Parameters

Model air flow fan power heating power temperature increase air curtain size
CD-1-100E 100cm 2700m³/h 300W 6/12/18kw 6.5/13.5/20℃ 1000×500×300
CD-1-150E  150cm 3600m³/h 400W 8/16/24kw 6.5/13.5/20℃ 1500×500×300
CD-1-200E 200cm 4500m³/h 500W 12/24/36kw 8.0/16/24℃ 2000×500×300
CD-1-250E 250cm 6300m³/h 700W 12/24/36kw 5.5/11.5/17℃ 2500×500×300
CD-1-300E 300cm 7200m³/h 800W 12/24/36kw 5.0/10/15℃ 3000×500×300

Water Heated Type Parameters

Model CD-1-100E 100cm CD-1-150E  150cm CD-1-200E 200cm CD-1-250E 250cm CD-1-300E 300cm
Max. installation height m 3.0 3.0 3.0 3.0 3.0
Volume flow rate Low speed m³/h 2100 2800 4200 4900 5600
Medium speed m³/h 2400 3200 4800 5600 6400
High speed m³/h 2700 3600 5400 6300 7200
Max. sound level dB(A) 59 60 62 63 64
Weight of basic unit kg 48 68 88 118 138
Electrical connection / Right Right Right Right Right
IP protection / IP20 IP20 IP20 IP20 IP20
Surface conventional color / RAL7035 RAL7035 RAL7035 RAL7035 RAL7035
Motor data (AC technology)
Voltage V 230 230 230 230 230
Output kW 0.3 0.4 0.6 0.7 0.8
Power consumption A 2.4 3.2 4.8 5.6 6.4
Technical parameters at high volume flow rate
LTHW 90/70 at air intake temperature 15℃ and air discharge temperature 37℃
Heat output kW 19.9 26.6 39.9 46.6 53.3
Flow rate m³/h 0.82 1.34 1.85 2.36 2.88
Water resistance kPa 0.25 1.37 2.74 6.52 10.06
LTHW 80/60 at air intake temperature 15℃ and maximum air discharge temperature
Heat output kW 14.98 23.6 33.1 41.74 46.5
Air discharge temperature 31.1 34.5 33.2 34.7 34.2
Flow rate m³/h 0.71 1.12 1.57 1.98 2.42
Water resistance kPa 0.25 0.79 1.39 4.88 7.83
LTHW 70/50 at air intake temperature 15℃ and maximum air discharge temperature
Heat output kW 12.3 19.3 27.1 34.11 38.26
Air discharge temperature 28.5 30.9 29.9 31.1 30.8
Flow rate m³/h 0.58 0.92 1.29 1.62 1.98
Water resistance kPa 0.26 0.81 1.41 3.46 5.87
Pipe connections
Flow/return flow Zoll 1″ 1″ 1″ 1″ 1″
Connection / Left Left Left Left Left

How to Choose The Revolving Door Air Curtain

When you choose the air curtain model, it depends on the door type, we made a choosing table as below:

selection table
opening angle door dia Model door height
60° φ2.2m~φ3.1m 100cm 3m
φ3.2m~φ4.1m 150cm
φ4.2m~φ5.1m 200cm
φ5.2m~φ6.1m 250cm
φ6.2m~φ6.5m 300cm
door dia Model door height
90° φ1.8m~φ2.2m 100cm 3m
φ2.3m~φ2.9m 150cm
φ3.0m~φ3.6m 200cm
φ3.7m~φ4.4m 250cm
φ4.5m~φ6.5m 300cm


Stainless Steel cover as option for revovling door air curtain, it is beautiful design.

ss304 material as cover for revolving door air curtain

Control Type:

screen control,different languages can be chosen, such as English, Russian,Spain

control screen

control screen russia language

control screen russia language1

Connection Line between air curtain and controller

connection line between air curtain and controller

Heater of air curtain

Electrical air curtain heater adopts the structure of stainless steel base tube wrapped with stainless steel fins, and multiple base tubes are assembled to form a whole heater, which can be disassembled and assembled independently.

heater for air curtain

Electrical parts of air curtain

electrical parts of air curtain

Heater of water type air curtain

The hot water type air curtain adopts the structure of copper tubes strung with aluminium foil sheets, which are multiple copper base tubes welded together by elbows.


3D video of revolving door air curtain

Project Photo of Revolving Door Air Curtain

Stainless Steel heated air curtain project

revolving-door air curtain stainless steel

M/S material heated air curtain,1500mm model,max 24kw.

revolving-door air curtain in Hotel

RAL9006 electrical heated air curtain Project in Moscow,finish installation

 electrical heating revolving door air curtain

Photo of Revolving Door Air Curtain



revolving door air curtain 2

Airspeed testing before packing.

We will test the air speed of the outlet of air curtain,if it is ok, then packing and delivery.

the air speed can up to max9m/s, the average speed is 8.5m/s

Packing of Revolving Door Air Curtain

Wooden case and plastic sheeting used to packing the air curtain, it will be waterproof and very strong for long-distance delivery


Revolving Door Air Curtain package Revolving Door Air Curtain package 2

Fully sealed wooden package

air curtain Fully sealed wooden package

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