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Revolving Door Air Curtain

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Revolving doors, as a common form of entrance and exit in public places, face challenges such as indoor and outdoor air exchange, customer feeling and entrance image. In order to solve these issues, the revolving door air curtain machine has been made. As an important equipment in various settings, the revolving door air curtain machine not only can separate indoor and outdoor air exchange, enhance the dining experience for customers, but also effectively improve the image of the entrance, allowing customers to feel the uniqueness and quality of the restaurant upon entering.

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The Function of Revolving Door Air Curtain

In the hot summer, outdoor high temperatures can affect indoor temperatures, and the air curtain can effectively block hot air from entering, keeping the interior cool.

In the cold winter, outdoor low temperatures can significantly impact indoor temperatures, and the air curtain machine (heated air curtain machine) can generate warm air to block cold air from entering, maintaining a warm indoor environment.

This temperature control not only makes customers feel more comfortable but also enhances the operational efficiency and service quality of the restaurant.

The Color of Revolving Door Air Curtain

At the same time, the revolving door air curtain machine can be customized according to the color of the customer’s revolving door. Such as RAL9002, Whether it’s the metallic silver, industrial black, or warm wood grain texture, we can choose the appropriate color for painting according to customer requirements, ensuring that the air curtain machine seamlessly integrates with the revolving door.

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Whether in hotels, shopping malls, office buildings, or other commercial places, customization according to customer needs allows for the creation of an air curtain machine that perfectly integrates with the revolving door, enhancing the entrance image and strengthening the brand image.

How to Choose Air Curtain for Revolving Door

Size and Installation Position

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  1. The size of the air curtain should match the size of the revolving door to ensure effective coverage of the entrance area.
  2. The installation position should be carefully chosen to maximize the effectiveness of the air curtain.
  3. The installation height of the air curtain is normally about 3m or 3.5m
  4. If you can provide the drawing of the door, that will be better and save time

Performance and Control System:

The revolving door air curtain machine should have strong wind power and reliable performance to effectively isolate indoor and outdoor temperature exchange. Modern air curtain machines are equipped with intelligent control systems, allowing adjustments based on actual needs to enhance convenience and effectiveness.

The communication protocol used by the terminal controller is MODBUS RTU (interface 485) as optional

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Energy consumption and environmental considerations:

When choosing an air curtain machine for revolving doors, you can focus on its energy consumption and choose a model with energy-saving features. CDAIRTECH can provide heating power adjustable air curtain. For example you can choose the 5kw when temperature is not very cold, and choose 15kw when temperature is very cold.

CDAIRTECH’s air curtain install with a temperature sensor, when the temperature is high, air curtain will stop work, it also can save energy.

Noise control:

Considering the requirement for a quiet atmosphere in environments such as hotels, it is important to choose an air curtain machine with a low noise level. CDAIRTECH use a low noise motor for air curtain which can meet customer requirements. We also can use EMB motor as option.

Regular Maintenance and Care:

Regular cleaning and inspection was mentioned as key to ensuring that your air curtain continues to operate properly. It is recommended that a maintenance program be established that includes cleaning, lubrication, electrical system checks, etc. to extend the life of the equipment and reduce the likelihood of breakdowns.

Safety Considerations:

Air curtains for revolving doors should be operated in a manner that ensures safety and avoids injury to pedestrians. CDAIRTECH‘s air curtains are equipped with safety sensors, which can automatically stop running when an obstacle is detected, increasing the safety of use.

Technical Support and After-sales Service:

CDAIRTECH can provide a two-year guarantee for our revolving door air curtain, as we have very good quality control system to support customer

Case Study: Application in a Hotel

revolving door with air curtain and without air curtain


A well-known hotel faced challenges such as indoor and outdoor temperature exchange, customer experience, and entrance image during the cold winter season. To address these issues, they decided to introduce a revolving door air curtain machine.

Specific Solution

Hotel Parameters: Hotel area of 5000 square meters, revolving door diameter of 3738mm; radius of 1869mm; lintel of 300mm; opening chord length of 1806mm; using stainless steel protective panels.

Revolving Door Air Curtain Machine Parameters:

  • Revolving door air curtain machine selection
  • A: Develop an electrically heated remote control air curtain machine that conforms to the parameters of the revolving door.
  • Motor parameters: 200W/220V
  • Electric heating power: 24KW/380V
  • Air volume: 4000m3/s
  • Quantity: 1 unit
  • Installation position: The air curtain machine is installed above the revolving door.
  • Control system: The air curtain machine is equipped with a remote control for adjusting heating power and activation according to actual needs.


By installing the revolving door air curtain machine, the hotel entrance forms an airflow barrier, effectively isolating indoor and outdoor temperature exchange and maintaining the indoor temperature. Additionally, the air curtain machine can block dust and odors from entering the interior, keeping the entrance clean and tidy. The exterior design of the air curtain machine seamlessly integrates with the revolving door, enhancing the entrance image and allowing customers to experience the hotel’s unique charm upon entry.


The successful application of the revolving door air curtain machine not only addresses the issue of indoor and outdoor temperature exchange, enhancing the customer experience but also improves the entrance image. When choosing and using the revolving door air curtain machine, factors such as size, material, performance, and control systems should be considered, and regular maintenance is essential to ensure its optimal performance. For other hotels or commercial establishments, the revolving door air curtain machine is also a solution worth considering.

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