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Factory Air Curtain for Improved Production Efficiency and Employee Comfort

Normally there are two types of industry air curtain,one is vertical type air curtain,which is install on the two side of the door, suitable for 4-5m width door

industry air curtain for Loading Dock Doors

the other is a horizontal type air curtain which can used for max 6-8m height door, with the max air speed can up to 30m/s

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Factories, being unique environments with high ceilings and large areas, often face challenges related to significant temperature differences between indoor and outdoor spaces and inadequate insulation. To address these issues, the use of air curtains in factories can effectively isolate indoor and outdoor air interactions, enhancing the working environment for employees and, simultaneously, improving factory production efficiency.

Temperature Control

  • Effective Temperature Isolation: Factory air curtains effectively isolate indoor and outdoor temperature differences. In summer, the machine prevents hot air from entering, keeping the interior cool. Conversely, in cold winters, the air curtain (heated air curtain) generates warm air, preventing cold air from entering and maintaining a warm indoor environment. This temperature control enhances employee efficiency and ensures stable product quality.

Air Pollution Reduction

  • Reducing Indoor and Outdoor Air Pollution: Air curtains can create a barrier against outdoor dust and pollutants, maintaining fresh indoor air. This improves the overall quality of the working environment and ensures the hygiene and safety of products.

Choosing Factory Air Curtains

When selecting air curtains for factories, consider the following aspects:

  1. Size and Installation Position: Choose an air curtain size that matches the factory entrance width to cover the entrance effectively. Install the machine in a position to maximize its effectiveness.
  2. Material and Exterior Design: The air curtain’s material should be durable and corrosion-resistant to withstand the factory’s high-intensity environment. The exterior design should coordinate with the factory’s overall style, enhancing its image.
  3. Performance and Control Systems: The air curtain should have strong airflow and reliable performance to effectively isolate indoor and outdoor temperatures. Modern air curtains equipped with intelligent control systems can adjust settings based on actual needs, improving factory operational efficiency.

Maintenance of Factory Air Curtains

To ensure the normal operation of factory air curtains, regular cleaning and maintenance are necessary. Periodically clean external surfaces, check for loose internal components, inspect electrical connections, and ensure proper fan operation. Timely corrective measures should be taken for common malfunctions.

Case Study: Application of Air Curtains in an Automotive Manufacturing Plant


A certain automotive manufacturing plant faced a decline in employee efficiency and instances of heatstroke during the high-temperature summer season. To improve the working environment and enhance production efficiency, they decided to introduce air curtains.

industry air curtain

Specific Solution

Factory Parameters: The plant covers an area of 5000 square meters, with six main entrances. Door sizes are 4000 (length) * 5200 (height) (mm).

Air Curtain Parameters:

  • Model A: Size – 5409005200 (mm) / Motor – 380V8.8KW / Airflow – 40000m3/s
  • uantity: 12 units
  • Product Specification: Side-blow centrifugal air curtains (installed on both sides of the doors)
  • Control System: The air curtains are equipped with an intelligent control system, automatically adjusting airflow and operating time based on actual needs.


By installing factory air curtains, the plant’s entrances formed an airflow barrier, effectively preventing outdoor hot air from entering and maintaining a cool and comfortable indoor temperature. Additionally, the air curtains reduced outdoor air pollution, improving the overall working environment quality.


After introducing air curtains, employees at the automotive manufacturing plant were no longer affected by high temperatures, resulting in a significant increase in efficiency. Employee comfort and motivation also improved, further enhancing production efficiency. Moreover, the application of air curtains contributed to the growth of the plant’s performance.

industry air curtain for 5m door


The successful application of factory air curtains not only resolves indoor and outdoor temperature interaction issues but also enhances employee working efficiency and comfort, driving overall business development. For other automotive manufacturing plants or production workshops, the use of factory air curtains is a solution worth considering. When selecting and using these machines, consider factors such as size, material, performance, and control systems, and conduct regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance.

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